Classroom on Mekong River – April 2016

Saturday April 23, 2016

Thank you, once again, for your generous donation. After we have committed 100% funds in January and starting February, nhala.org has received additional donation of USD $1,852 of which USD $1,500 has been sent to project “River”, which included purchasing a 2nd hand boat, fix up, and use to teach young children living along the An Giang, Long Xuyen riverbank. Thank you teacher Ngan and teacher Anh Hoang Vu for joining nhala.org and help with developing a teaching program to teach nhala.org kids Math, English, and Computer Programming. The remaining USD $352 will be announced in the near future project commitment. Below are the additional notes and photos of the “River” project.

Photo of Mai Huyen Chi – Producer of video Down the Stream and Project Lead for “River” project


“River” Project






Saturday February 13, 2016

Ykite has raised and donated 100% of USD $1,068 to Nhala.org through handing out FREE Miss Coastal Vietnam Global 2015 to audience attended the live concert Xuan Yeu Thuong at The Chelsea Theater at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Nhala will make an announcement soon on how to use the donation. Thank you.


cosmopolitan 2-13-16 (8)


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