Keeping Children Warm – December 2015

Friday December 25, 2015 (Christmas Night!)

Nhala.org team has proudly completed our first give-out of total USD $1,250 (total received) to much needed children in the most remote 5 zero’s regions with the wonderful help of Lan Dam and her team of charity organizers. These children live in very high ground and among the poorest regions. It took Lan’s team nearly 400 miles of 14 hours scooter ride and 10 hours of hills and mountains walking and climbing through dangerous terrains to keep these children warm – to the villages of Vinh – Tây SÆ¡n – Kỳ SÆ¡n (ĐỒNG DƯỚI – KỲ SÆ N – NGHỆ AN).

With just USD $1,250 – 81 children are kept warm this winter!

While all of us in the US and other developed regions are celebrating with our families and loved ones, these children would have been chilled – but now – 81 of them might have a chance to sit out gazing the stars and listening to the organizers telling them wonderful stories about Christmas!

Thanks to all of those wonderful hearts for making this the first magical moment for these children. For many, this is the first gift they have ever received!

For us here at Nhala.org, this completes our wonderful Christmas celebration knowing somewhere in remote regions, the children are celebrating with us.

Thank you, Merry Christmas, and Goodnight!

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(Update from keeping the children warm initiative – 1/23/16)
Thanks to the wonderful hearts of the USD $1,250 and other donations, close to 1,000 children are kept warm this winter approximately 40F degree. In the US, we can stay warm at 40F degree with heater or thick jacket/gloves. Unfortunately these children barely have a decent pair of t-shirt and sweat pants to keep them warm through out the winter. Thankfully we provided the donation in time to keep them warm. Thank you.
see full post from Lan Dam:
landam-1-23-2016 10-41-39 PM
landam-1-23-2016 10-42-42 PM

Tuesday December 8, 2015

Nhala.org team has transferred USD $1,000 (with USD $312 support from Cuong La) to Lan Dam to purchase warm clothes for underprivileged children to keep them warm walking to classes.

lan-dam-12-8-2015 9-10-54 PM

lan-dam-12-8-2015 9-08-16 PM


Saturday November 28, 2015 (Keeping Children Warm Campaign):

Nhala.org team (included Ykite Live Events, Golden Horse Saigon Production, and GEM Planners) had a modest successful funds raising from selling the very first DVD’s of Miss Coastal Vietnam Global 2015 (which donated 100%) during Thanksging Concert in Maximus Circus Theater at Caesars Atlantic City, New Jersey – USA to fix up a torn down leaf class in Central Vietnam. We will continue raising funds to fix, build, and create new classes in the coming days. Below are some images associated with this report.

Total raised: USD $688

Total sent to VN to fix up classroom: USD $688









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